Who We Are

We’re a team who values strong Partnerships. We’re family, friends, veterans, techies, leaders, and providers. Partnering with other Small-to-Medium businesses has taught us that pursuing collaborative wealth is a more effective route to success than that of competitive wealth. Our Partnerships allow us to collaborate our strengths and complement our weaknesses producing momentum and purpose.

What We Do

We give an outsider’s view of your operations and provide out-of-the-box solutions. We don’t sell products – we are the product. We’ll navigate your budget, give you full transparency, exceed your expectations, and allow your resources to be used in more innovative ways. We strongly believe in effective collaboration, win-win Partnerships, and quality over quantity.

Bizarre Assets

We value proper planning, preparation, momentum, and think-tanks. We’re fortunate to have veteran assets from the Army, Air Force, and Marines with strengths in Information Security, Linguistics, Ballistics, Air Traffic Control, and Leadership when developing strategic solutions.

Technological Assets

On the other end of our disciplined assets are the creative folk: Full-stack Developers, Brand-Builders, Technological Engineers, Security Analysts, Graphic Designers, SEO Pros, Paid-Advertisement Managers, and Google Lovers Anonymous. We’ve got the right people in place.


Who doesn’t like free? We want to help others grow towards success even if it doesn’t directly involve us. Open-source technologies allow us to build great tools with community driven features and support while reducing overhead during development. Here are the tools we use daily. Some are open-source and the others are reasonably priced. These are highly valued by us and many other companies in the development world. We hope they will prove useful to you.

The Modular World

Over five years we’ve discovered most companies require similar functionality from the tools they use – even if their disciplines are different. One easy example is a spreadsheet; most companies use a spreadsheet for some sort of data analysis. Most companies need software to manage their Customers. That tool might be a spreadsheet or any big brand CRM (Customer Relationship Management) costing as much as one of your employee’s salaries. Companies need scheduling, accounting, communication, invoicing, inventory management, cloud-storage, vendor database, and some sort of project or task management system.

Your operations are unique. Your tools must be tailored for the job.

We’ve created many modules based on our Partner’s needs that have matured over time. It would be great if we could build these things once and then retire early; however, they need maintained, updated, upgraded, and sometimes scrapped to be replaced by a new innovative idea. We want to discover these ideas with you.

check out our list of modular solutions